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What is a Husband or Wife? The IRS Is Ready to Answer

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision recognizing same-sex marriage, same-sex marriage has become the law of the land. Federal laws and regulation are now being promulgated to effectuate recognition of same-sex marriage. In proposed regulations, the IRS has defined the terms “husband” and “wife” to be an individual lawfully married to another individual.  …
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What makes a marriage last?

What makes one marriage last and dooms another to divorce? The answer appears to be not only communications, but positive communications according to an Infographic illustrating the Science of a Happy Relationship. According to the findings put together by Happify: Happy couples have  5 positive interactions for every negative one, whereas couples who divorce have…
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New Jersey Court Allows Same Sex Marraige

A New Jersey judge ruled today that the state must allow same sex couples to wed.  Judge, Mary C. Jacobson of State Superior Court in Mercer County ordered that, “Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in order to obtain equal protection of the law under the New Jersey Constitution.”  By not allowing same sex …
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