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Changes to New York Divorce Law Coming: Maintenance Reform and Say Goodbye to Enhance Earnings Capacity

new york divorce law Change is in the air with respect to New York divorce law.  Recently, the New York Legislature passed sweeping legislation affecting two major aspects of divorce law in New York. First, the legislature changed the method of awarding maintenance in divorce cases.   It also eliminated equitable distribution awards for a party’s enhanced earning capacity. While the legislation awaits the governor’s signature before coming law, the writing is on the wall and “The times they are a-changin.” Maintenance...
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DOMA Unconstitutional: Federal Government to Recognize New York Same Sex Marriage

24175-same sex marraigeThe United States Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman only.  While some states, like New York, permit same sex marriage, the federal government, until now, did not recognize the validity of those marriages. In the Windsor case decided today (previously discussed here), Edith Windsor sued the federal government because it failed to recognize her Canadian marriage to Thea Speyer. Speyer died, leaving...
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Same Sex Divorce- Available in New York, Questionable Elsewhere

While more states are allowing same sex marriage, obtaining a same sex divorce may be problematic. Though the District of Columbia and five states have legalized same-sex marriage, CNN is reporting that some states, which do not recognize same sex marriage explicitly ban same divorce or will not even recognize the validity of the marriage.

Though New York will not allow same sex marriage, it will recognize, as valid, marriages performed in a state which allows same sex marriage. In those cases where New York...

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New York Courts Have Jurisdiction To Dissolve Civil Unions

A New York court has jurisdiction to hear an action to dissolve a civil union validly entered into outside of this state and to equitably distribute the property acquired during the civil union.

New York courts have recognized and been increasingly accepting of the rights of same sex couples. New York will, for instance recognize, as valid, an out-of-state same-sex marriage even though the marriage could not have been solemnized in New York.

In Dickerson v. Thompson, the parties traveled to Vermont and entered into a civil union. Both...

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