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New York Collaborative Law Center Opens

The long awaited Collaborative Law Center has finally opened.

The center, the first court-based collaborative law center in the country, offers New Yorkers an alternative to resolving their divorce through litigation, which is often emotionally economically draining.

In the collaborative process, the parties agree not to go to court, and, instead, each hires a specially-trained collaborative law attorney. Through a series of face-to-face meetings, the couple and their lawyers work to resolve all divorce-related disputes and mutually decide on issues such as child custody and finances. The parties are aided by ...

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Collaborative Law : What Is It?

I was one seventy five fortunate attorneys trained in collaborative law, as part of an initiative by Chief Judge Kaye to create the first publicly funded collaborative law center.

The Texas Collaborative Law Blog offers a great overview of  the collaborative law process of resolving divorces and other matrimonial actions without resort to litigation and court intervention:

Collaborative Law is a dispute resolution system that permits the parties to a divorce or family law issue to settle out of court in a respectful,...
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