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Dog Divorce Tug of Wars: Preventable By a Pup-Nup

With growing frequency, couples are fighting for custody of their cats and dogs when they divorce. Like all litigated matters, a pet custody case can be expensive and contentious. Recent New York courts have ruled that pet custody divorce disputes are treated differently than other divorce disputes. Unlike a child custody fight which is resolved…
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How Do New York Courts Handle Foreign Marital Agreements?

With people moving internationally, New York divorce courts are with greater frequency asked to enforce pre and post nuptial agreements entered into by non-American citizens now living in New York. Invariably, questions about what laws apply and enforceability of the agreements arise. While there is a strong presumption in New York that signed marital agreements,…
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How Do I Ask My Fiancee for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Congratulations, you just got engaged. You and your fiancée are on cloud nine, Nothing could be better. Now you have garner the strength to utter the most unromantic words –"I want a pre-nuptial agreement."   How do you do it? Given the high divorce rate, a pre nuptial agreement offers a hedge against the unfortunate,…
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